Appointment Availability

25. Nov, 2020

Appointment Availability

December 2020

Evening All. So it looks like we have got some good news and SAS Sport and Remedial Massage can reopen as of the 3rd December. Fingers crossed this can help you out in time for Christmas. Currently I have got the following Appointments available in December and over the Christmas /New Year Period.

Monday 14th December - 11am
Tuesday 15th December - 11am
Sunday 20th December - 5pm
Monday 21st December - 11am, 1pm
Tuesday 22nd December - 11am, 1pm, 8pm
Tuesday 29th December - 11am, 1pm, 8pm
Sunday 3rd January - 4.30pm, 6pm, 7.30pm.

Get in touch if you would like to book one of the above appointments.
by either using the "Book Online" tab in the HOME page ( which will go through to my available appointments, in my Sport Injury Fix Calendar.
Alternatively please call me on 07837 830582 if you want any advice or want to book in that way.

Do bear in mind that nobody knows what the rules will be in January 2021 with the situation being so fluid and ever changing so please don't hesitate to book in.

Thanks and as always I appreciate your support for my small business especially throughout these Covid times. Susie x